The Proper Function, at its core, is about inspiring mindfulness in wilderness. When we are mindful, we see and experience adventures very differently: we feel alive, engaged, and more capable of embracing insightful and meaningful moments. All of this provides the foundation for a rich outdoor experience. While traditional outdoor guides will escort you from Point A to Point B, it is the content of The Proper Function that will lay the groundwork for something much larger than yourself. To qualify, The Proper Function has three parts:



There exists a greater opportunity to feel connected with your surroundings when you are curious about adventure.  CURIOSITY with a Proper Function allows you to cultivate knowledge, thus allowing for genuine engagement. You will no longer be hiking a trail, but traveling a path that was created by arduous travel of a stagecoach line. Rather than admiring Petroglyphs, you will experience a magical interaction with the symbols when you know how to interpret them. Be Curious.



We are hardwired for Adventure. Consider ancient people who expanded globally; it is in our fiber as a species to seek out exploration. Adventure transforms the redundancy of daily life, and brings forth a fulfilling outdoor experience. As part of The Proper Function it can include hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking or any other Adventure that ultimately leads to Discovery. On its own, it can simply be viewed as physical exercise, but the underlying Curiosity will create a more momentous function.



The Adventure of Discovery. 4 words, 9 syllables, 23 letters and endless possibility. Discovery is the sum of Curiosity plus Adventure. Discovery need not always imply something tangible.  In fact, some of the best Discoveries are experienced, felt, encountered; leaving an indelible mark on your soul. Discovery cannot be managed or dictated. It must come alive in each individual at its own proper time.