Adventure Is CuriosityAn award-winning film that contemplates the true meaning of adventure

The Proper Function

Questions We Ask

In the spring of 2013, Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on an inflatable standup paddleboard. In this award-winning short film, he contemplates the true meaning of adventure.

Your Questions

In a world of conditioning when the mundane becomes the norm are we even conscious enough to recognize the rut? Life is not static, it is as dynamic as we make it. Until we know the questions to ask of ourselves we will continue down the same path until we are blind-sided by unforeseen events. Question yourself daily!

  1. What would your life look like if you one thing differently?
  2. How can you find curiosity in your life?
  3. What is adventure to you?
  4. Where is your silence?
  5. What can you learn today?

Choose what’s above you and you will have lived within The Proper Function.




Dan is an explorer for The Outbound and founder of The Proper Function, an outdoor editorial. He is passionate about exploration and can’t stay put for more than a week.