The Miner & Ogre Tom’s Thumb Trail is one of the many wonderful hikes within the Scottsdale McDowell Preserve. The range is composed of miocene deposits left nearly five million years ago. At 4,069 feet, the East End is the highest peak. This range also served as a sacred marker for the Yavapai’s.  Along, Read More

Keep Them Doggies Movin’ The Heber-Reno driveway was established in 1890 and has been used to drive sheep into the White Mountains for more than a century. Each spring the sheep would begin a six-week, 220 mile adventure towards cooler climates. Crossing the Salt River  they were driven up to the Mogollon Rim and on to, Read More

The Ranchers Brown’s Ranch Trail in Arizona contains multiple sandy paths that have been used by the Hohokam Indians, Mid-Century Ranchers, Hikers and Mountain Bikers alike. Archaeologist Thomas Write published data suggesting the earliest existence of human life on Brown’s Ranch date 7000 BC [3]. Hohokam is a Pima word meaning “those who have gone”. The Hohokam indians, Read More