Amongst The Clouds  The majority of the structures that exist in the Canadian Rockies are a product of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and the Lake Agnes Tea House is no exception. CPR recognized that while it was successful bridging a nation, it needed stops for passengers while luring wealthy tourists to the beautiful Rockies, Read More

The Last Woodcutter Born in Mexico during 1877, Geronimo Pena later immigrated to the Arizona Territory where he began work as a woodcutter. As the mining town of Jerome became the fourth largest city within the territory, the constant demand for firewood was on the rise. While many flocked to this area due to the mining, Read More

A Tunnel With A View The Tunnel View overlook is a historic site that affords expansive views of El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls and other magnificent features. The overlook at the bottom was built in 1932 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. While the, Read More

A Trip To Mayhem’s Lodge Mayhew’s Lodge, near the trailhead of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, was once listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. On March 26, 1980, fire consumed all of the structures and it was delisted later that year when the Forest Service was unable to, Read More

Hell On Wheels In Arizona It was Hell on Wheels during the 1880s when railroad tycoons conjured up an idea – create a railroad tunnel through the Mogollon Rim! James W. Eddy developed a value proposition to transport rich silver ore from Globe while connecting with the Atlantic and Pacific rail of Flagstaff. While the concept, Read More

Cure Your Cabin Fever There will be no Cabin Fever on this Proper Function! We set out on the U-Bar Trail to explore a portion of the historic Cabin Loop Trail System. This trail system served as a pathway to fire guard the Coconino Forest during the early 1900’s. It adventures through some of the most spec-tac-ular, Read More

Paria Canyon Thru-Hike Twisting through the slots of Paria Canyon is a thru-hike you will be talking about for months. The canyon beckons backpackers from all over the globe and is listed as one of the most dangerous hikes in the United States. Storms as far as Bryce Canyon can cause flash flooding, particularly if, Read More

O’ Houston Brothers, Where Art Thou? You may be a man of constant sorrow, but not today O’ Houston Brother! Today, The Proper Function is going to propose you a proposition that will place you within a geographical marvel – Aspen Springs Cabin! Since nobody is gonna pick up a filthy unshaven backpacker, you, Read More

Calling All Gold Diggers The Richinbar Mine, named after Richard N. Baker, operated from 1890 to 1948 and produced more than 30,000 tons of ore. Prior to this era, the land was inhabited by Native Americans. It is uncertain which tribes inhabited the area and are collectively referred to as the “Perry Mesa Tradition”. The, Read More

Curiosity If you’re not already familiar with the Senator Highway, then you have an opportunity to adventure down the crown jewel of Arizona backroad travel. This rocky highway was built in 1866 as part of the Prescott and Lyn Creek Toll Road. The toll was $1.50 per wagon and $0.50 cents per horseback rider. In 1875, Samuel Fredricks,, Read More