The Black River Your soul will grow deep like The Black River as its beauty twists through the White Mountains of Arizona. 114 miles in length, the waters continue to meet the White River (near Fort Apache) then becomes absorbed by the Salt River – a major tributary of the Gila River. The Black, Read More

Wuptaki National Monument Wupatki (wuh-POT-kee) National Monument was established by President Calvin Coolidge on December 9, 1924. The monument includes several pueblos and other archeological resources totaling more than 35,000 acres. Wupatki represents a  cultural melting-pot, home to multiple groups of natives spanning several thousand years. Located in northern Arizona, Wupatki was officially listed, Read More

The Cliff Dwellers The Cliff Dwellers is a unique tale that that takes place the same year Prohibition began in the United States (1920). Blanche Russell was a successful dancer in a series of sophisticated theatrical productions called The Ziegfeld Follies. These Follies were ritzy revues which featured the “Ziegfeld Girls” and top entertainers, Read More

Living Amongst Boulders Robert DuPuy, aka “Boulder Bob” had a history of paranoid schizophrenia and was admitted to the Kankakee State Hospital in Illinois sometime during 1912. The Asylum reported 192 pathological autopsy reports on patients with chronic mania, senile dementia and organic brain disease. It remains operational today as a developmental center and in 2008 had a census, Read More

Our Beloved Girl Is Gone Catharine Lovara “Katie” Hatch was born on July 13th, 1898 to John Hatch (1860-1946) and Mary Jane Hatch (1867-1947). The family all lie peacefully in a cemetery located in Taylor, Arizona. The Hatches had traveled to this area from Utah and were known as Mormon Pioneers. Unfortunately, the memorial pictured, Read More

Welcome To Dixie Land The Dixie Mine has changed ownership several times over the years, but was originally owned by Red Mountain Consolidated Copper Mines Company. Ecompassing approximately 420 acres and located in the McDowell Mountains, it was reported to have as many as 21 mining claims. In 1917, there were two main shafts that were, Read More

The Watery Knoll Knoll Lake is part of the Blue Ridge Ranger District and lies peacefully within the Coconino National Forest. Located northeast of Woods Canyon Lake, this picturesque landscape sits upon the Mogollon Rim in Leonard Canyon. The dam was constructed in 1963 by the Arizona Game & Fish Department, funding primarily by the, Read More

A Dramatic Oasis Cascade Springs is a dramatic oasis located within the Uinta National Forest. The lush vegetation, swirling pools and cascading waterfalls is home to a variety of animals including moose, deer, beavers, hawks and bear. The area is a product of glacial sediment that existed within the higher elevations of the Wasatch Range approximately, Read More

The Miner & Ogre Tom’s Thumb Trail is one of the many wonderful hikes within the Scottsdale McDowell Preserve. The range is composed of miocene deposits left nearly five million years ago. At 4,069 feet, the East End is the highest peak. This range also served as a sacred marker for the Yavapai’s.  Along, Read More

Glacier Right Ahead Glacier trekking is the closest experience you will ever feel when it comes to walking on the moon. It is truly awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping experience and your mind will rest within this timeless landscape. The Mendenhall Glacier takes about 80 years to complete the journey from its mountain source to the modest-size lake it has created. A, Read More