We’re Are All Rooted The reality is this: we’re inheriting a very different environment from prior generations. Whether the discussion involves climate change, pollution, development or population growth one thing is clear; we have a responsibility to protect it. Not just for people who fly fish, but for everyone who wants to appreciate what, Read More

Arizona Landscape Photographers Edition Here’s the part four of our interview series on Arizona Landscape Photographers. This time we sat down with Dan Deublein, an Arizona native, and the founder of The Proper Function .   Q: Dan, what was your childhood like? When people ask me what it was like growing up in the, Read More

An Open Letter To the future of fly fishing, The reality is this: we’re inheriting a very different sport from our parents. And if we hope to live this fly fishing lifestyle and pass it, on we’re going to have to do more than #keepemwet and pinch our barbs. We need to fight for our rivers., Read More

Always Above Us Experiencing loss can force one to live in only one moment at a time. Always Above Us is the story about a alpine climbers Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson as they endure their passion for climbing, despite the many hardships it has brought them. Hyalite Canyon in Montana is one of, Read More

Questions We Ask In the spring of 2013, Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on an inflatable standup paddleboard. In this award-winning short film, he contemplates the true meaning of adventure. Your Questions In a world of conditioning when the mundane becomes the norm are we even conscious, Read More

Touching The Void   As mountaineering survival stories go, this is the destroyer of its class: an incredible climbing epic in the hands of a pitch-perfect writer. The book starts out as a journal about the solace (and menace) of going high and remote (Peru’s 21,000-foot Siula Grande) but soon becomes something else entirely., Read More

The Wise Man The first of four short films shot on location by Sherpas Cinema, The Wise Man is the emotive story of Eddie Hunter’s personal connection with the Banff National Park and Mt. Norquay, a mountain he has called home his entire life. Born in 1926, the same year Mt. Norquay was established, Eddie, Read More

The Greatest Adventure Your life can be the greatest adventure you’ve ever dreamed of. This new clip from Adventure.com and Camp 4 Collective explores what happens when people break out of their comfort zones and make their dream adventures a reality. It was created for people to collect, create, curate and share meaningful experiences during, Read More

The Perfect Fit Wyatt is a jovial and extroverted dog who loves comfort during a hard day’s work! He enjoy’s a well fitted backpack that is fully adjustable with both chest and girth straps. He recommends finding a pack with padded girth straps, this provides additional comfort when your dog needs lifting over water, boulders and other various obstacles., Read More

Roasting Coffee At Home Home roasting coffee can be as simple or as difficult as you’d like to make it. For me, I like to keep things simple and with no experience at all, you can create your own quality roast using the Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker. Before we get into the details, let’s nerd out a, Read More