We’re Are All Rooted The reality is this: we’re inheriting a very different environment from prior generations. Whether the discussion involves climate change, pollution, development or population growth one thing is clear; we have a responsibility to protect it. Not just for people who fly fish, but for everyone who wants to appreciate what, Read More

The Mysterious Yeti Scalp This abominable Proper Function takes you beyond 14,000 ft into the Himalayas in attempt to view a 250 year-old Yeti Scalp located in the small village of Khumjung, Nepal. If you aren’t familiar with the Yeti and know it only as a container to store cold beverages, then this function, Read More

A Mysterious Recluse Originally from England, Billy Carver was an enigmatic figure who built this abandoned cabin in 1910 near Lake Johnson. The cabin went undiscovered for 27 years as he occasionally worked in local mines to support his solitary lifestyle. His only acquaintance was Gee Moy, owner of the Market Garden located in Anthracite, Read More

Taku Very Much  Climb aboard this Proper Function in a classic deHaviland seaplane to reach the historic Taku Glacier Lodge. Not only is this function include soaring over five breathtaking glaciers, but a savory feast of Fresh Wild Alaskan King Salmon awaits you. By the way, all drinks will be chilled with taku glacier ice!, Read More

Gold In Them Der Hills  It was 1863 when gold was discovered within the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona. Like an army of ants, prospectors were immediately crawling this mountain range in search of treasure. State historian, Marshall Trimble, recounts that there were “millions of dollars in gold and silver in those hills, but it cost $21.50, Read More

An Open Letter To the future of fly fishing, The reality is this: we’re inheriting a very different sport from our parents. And if we hope to live this fly fishing lifestyle and pass it, on we’re going to have to do more than #keepemwet and pinch our barbs. We need to fight for our rivers., Read More

All Aboard  Your ticket on this Proper Function will lead you into the heart of Canadian history as you take a walk in the past! Know that each step you take is a step into the year of 1871 when Canada launched a dream. That dream was led by William Cornelius Van Horne who was to construct, Read More

Welcome to Dead Town  Bankhead, Alberta was a coal mining town that existed between 1903 and 1922. Operated by a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which needed the coal to fuel its steam engines, the output of coal ran between 500 to 600 tons per day. A town was developed with the main, Read More

A Trip To Mayhem’s Lodge Mayhew’s Lodge, near the trailhead of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, was once listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. On March 26, 1980, fire consumed all of the structures and it was delisted later that year when the Forest Service was unable to, Read More

O’ Houston Brothers, Where Art Thou? You may be a man of constant sorrow, but not today O’ Houston Brother! Today, The Proper Function is going to propose you a proposition that will place you within a geographical marvel – Aspen Springs Cabin! Since nobody is gonna pick up a filthy unshaven backpacker, you, Read More