A Mysterious Recluse Originally from England, Billy Carver was an enigmatic figure who built this abandoned cabin in 1910 near Lake Johnson. The cabin went undiscovered for 27 years as he occasionally worked in local mines to support his solitary lifestyle. His only acquaintance was Gee Moy, owner of the Market Garden located in Anthracite, Read More

A Monumental Valley  Monument Valley (meaning ‘valley of the rocks’) is part of the Colorado Plateau and is decorated by large sandstone buttes, also known as Mittens. This monumental valley allows you to experience one of the most majestic and spiritual places on earth. While the landscape is simply overwhelming, what makes this a Proper Function, Read More

O’ Houston Brothers, Where Art Thou? You may be a man of constant sorrow, but not today O’ Houston Brother! Today, The Proper Function is going to propose you a proposition that will place you within a geographical marvel – Aspen Springs Cabin! Since nobody is gonna pick up a filthy unshaven backpacker, you, Read More

Living Amongst Boulders Robert DuPuy, aka “Boulder Bob” had a history of paranoid schizophrenia and was admitted to the Kankakee State Hospital in Illinois sometime during 1912. The Asylum reported 192 pathological autopsy reports on patients with chronic mania, senile dementia and organic brain disease. It remains operational today as a developmental center and in 2008 had a census, Read More