The Mysterious Yeti Scalp This abominable Proper Function takes you beyond 14,000 ft into the Himalayas in attempt to view a 250 year-old Yeti Scalp located in the small village of Khumjung, Nepal. If you aren’t familiar with the Yeti and know it only as a container to store cold beverages, then this function, Read More

Taku Very Much  Climb aboard this Proper Function in a classic deHaviland seaplane to reach the historic Taku Glacier Lodge. Not only is this function include soaring over five breathtaking glaciers, but a savory feast of Fresh Wild Alaskan King Salmon awaits you. By the way, all drinks will be chilled with taku glacier ice!, Read More

Gold In Them Der Hills  It was 1863 when gold was discovered within the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona. Like an army of ants, prospectors were immediately crawling this mountain range in search of treasure. State historian, Marshall Trimble, recounts that there were “millions of dollars in gold and silver in those hills, but it cost $21.50, Read More

All Things Are Bound  Pacheta Falls, Arizona – During the turn of the century, two cowboys living near the remote Pacheta Lake had been caught cheating at cards. As their reputation grew, they became known as a ‘Pair of Cheaters‘, hence the name Pacheta Falls was born. It was also during this time that fur trappers from Colorado, Read More

All Aboard  Your ticket on this Proper Function will lead you into the heart of Canadian history as you take a walk in the past! Know that each step you take is a step into the year of 1871 when Canada launched a dream. That dream was led by William Cornelius Van Horne who was to construct, Read More

Transport Your Soul  Prepare to elevate your soul as you stroll around Wai Koa Loop trail. With over 80,000 trees, you will parade within the largest Mahogony forest in the United States, capture majestic views of Mount Namahana and visit the 130 year old Kilauea Stone Dam. Quiet your mind and enjoy the serenity of this very Proper Function., Read More

Welcome to Dead Town  Bankhead, Alberta was a coal mining town that existed between 1903 and 1922. Operated by a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which needed the coal to fuel its steam engines, the output of coal ran between 500 to 600 tons per day. A town was developed with the main, Read More

The Last Woodcutter Born in Mexico during 1877, Geronimo Pena later immigrated to the Arizona Territory where he began work as a woodcutter. As the mining town of Jerome became the fourth largest city within the territory, the constant demand for firewood was on the rise. While many flocked to this area due to the mining, Read More

A Tunnel With A View The Tunnel View overlook is a historic site that affords expansive views of El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls and other magnificent features. The overlook at the bottom was built in 1932 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. While the, Read More

A Trip To Mayhem’s Lodge Mayhew’s Lodge, near the trailhead of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, was once listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. On March 26, 1980, fire consumed all of the structures and it was delisted later that year when the Forest Service was unable to, Read More