Write A PoemMake a sketch, jot down observations and create a poem

The Proper Function

Poetry In Motion

A Proper Function is Proper because you have transformed the way you experience adventure. During your next function, sketch out a picture that simply inspires you. Throughout the day, start jotting down simple observations that you make. Take these observations, use the visual from your sketch to form a poem. Here is my own example while fly fishing on the Black River in Arizona:


Bits of Foam

Ultimate goodness dressed in bits of foam
The fish teach you lessons that bring you back home.
Waiting, Watching, Inspecting the rim,
It’s so quick when the ripples close behind him.

by Dan Deublein – West Fork of the Black River, Arizona.



Dan is an explorer for The Outbound and founder of The Proper Function, an outdoor editorial. He is passionate about exploration and can’t stay put for more than a week.