The Hermit of Inglismaldie Hike into the Canadian wilderness to discover a cabin built by a recluse named Billy Carver in 1910.

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A Mysterious Recluse

Originally from England, Billy Carver was an enigmatic figure who built this abandoned cabin in 1910 near Lake Johnson. The cabin went undiscovered for 27 years as he occasionally worked in local mines to support his solitary lifestyle. His only acquaintance was Gee Moy, owner of the Market Garden located in Anthracite (a ghost town with visible ruins from Minnewanka Loop Rd.) and would assist Billy from time to time. Otherwise, he was rarely seen by anyone and nobody knew about his cabin


His life in solitary spanned almost 27 years until some local boys accidentally stumbled upon this mysterious cabin. Upon entering, they saw a very frail Billy Carver whose health was failing. The boys notified the authorities and an investigation found no illegal activities in his background to warrant a life of seclusion. His health continued to worsen. Authorities assisted Billy into relocating to a seniors home where he later died.01_WidePhoto


“Not until we are lost do we find ourselves.” – Henry David Thoreau

Cabin In The Woods

It has been said that to this day the ghost of Billy Carver continues to watch over his cabin. Hikers have reported the front door slamming shut during their approach. Others have described a ghostly presence with gentle sounding whispers echoing within the walls of the cabin. While most travel guides describe the hike around Lake Johnson as “leisurely”, in the Winter it definitely provides a backdrop that adds to the mystery surrounding this so-called haunted cabin. My only experience was hearing a few loud grunts a short distance from the cabin, which I presumed was a Grizzly Bear. Or, was it?01_WidePhoto


A Single Bond

Learning about Billy Carver and his friend Gee Moy lead to this discovery : Making new friends as an adult is quite a complex process and not as effortless as it was when we were younger. The deepest relationships that we have in our lives are with those we trust enough to open up. That is, to turn ourselves inside out and and expose our vulnerabilities. It feels unsafe, which is why people are so addicted to their devices, it creates an artificial barrier between those around us. This may be why strangers are bonded through tragedy, the circumstance of the situation simply forces a vulnerability upon them and a single bond is created.01_WidePhoto



Gee MoyMemorialReferences
A Friend Indeed

Gee Moy, the only friend known to Billy Carver,  was well-known and highly regarded in the community. Born in 1896, he made his way from China to Banff where he founded the Sun Green House Company in 1927. He passed away in the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital at the age of 52. Many local residents attended his funeral service located at Rundle Memorial United Church. He was survived by his wife Winnie Yee Gee who later passed away in 2011.

In Memorandum

Banff National Park erected a sign that tells the story of Billy Carver and his cabin. The sign is located approximately 20 yards from the cabin. If you walk at a 45 degree angle from the front door, you will find it.

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