Wai Koa Loop Trail Untether your soul and surrender to this most pristine environment

The Proper Function

Transport Your Soul 

Prepare to elevate your soul as you stroll around Wai Koa Loop trail. With over 80,000 trees, you will parade within the largest Mahogony forest in the United States, capture majestic views of Mount Namahana and visit the 130 year old Kilauea Stone Dam. Quiet your mind and enjoy the serenity of this very Proper Function.


The Kilauea Stone Dam was constructed in 1880 and holds 10 million gallons of water. The water served as a source for sugar cane factories, residents and field workers. To be successful, the dam required that the water level be raised 20 feet above the stream. This level would then allow gravity to escort the water into Kilauea Town where it could be managed by a controlled gateway.1wide-7


Gaze closely at the dam as your approach it from the Wai Koa Loop Trail. Each stone was broken down by hand and lifted into place. The 45 degree angle of the supports was constructed to encourage native fish (O’opu) to migrate back into their natural environment.

The Wai Koa Footpath 

The Wai Koa Loop trail is located at Anaina Hou Community Park, near Kauai Mini Golf. You must sign a waiver at Kauai Mini Golf to hike this loop which is free of charge. The path is located just down the hill from Kauai Mini Golf and ample parking is typically available. After hiking two short hills, you will enter into the largest mahogany forest in the United States and fourth largest in the world.


The trees are planted in perfect rows, creating hallways for you to visualize wild rooster, chickens and pigs.  After passing the community farm, the trail opens up to majestic lush green fields and landscape views to Mount Namahana. Shortly after, you will arrive at a beautiful lily pond which is an ideal place to take a break.1wide-7


At mile 2.2 on the Wai Koa Loop Trail, you will reach the breathtaking beauty of the Kilauea Stone Dam. The surrounding gardens leading to the dam is simply a masterpiece! A footpath carves itself through lush green gardens as the gentle sounds of trickling streams escorts you forward. Mediate alongside a giant Buddha statue, mount a rope swing to cool off or read a book. Whatever you do, stay awhile.

Quiet Is Hard 

A quiet mind is simple, but for me hard to do. I’ve tried meditation, but it’s an act of detachment that simply doesn’t work for me….I wish it did. The discovery made on this Proper Function is that creating intentional pauses throughout our day is not only necessary, but healthy. Taking pause to quiet the mind and channel your energy will allow for multiple resets throughout the day, thus creating a more streamlined balance.


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Dan is an explorer for The Outbound and founder of The Proper Function, an outdoor editorial. He is passionate about exploration and can’t stay put for more than a week.